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A dental bridge is sometimes used to replace a tooth that was previously lost to an untreated cavity, severe dental trauma, or required a treatment based extraction. They are created in a special dental lab from durable materials that will be impervious to tooth decay. The dental restoration is completed by cementing the dental bridge onto its anchoring abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

As strong as it is, there are still some forms of dental trauma that can chip or loosen a dental bridge. This could come in the form of an unprotected blow to the face during sports, or something as mundane as grinding your teeth while you’re sleeping. Even if the problem seems minor at first you should still have it examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Thi Hoang. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to suffer a more severe complication.

In the meantime it’s important to refrain from wiggling or manipulating the dental bridge. Even a small amount of motion could potentially damage one of the anchoring abutments. Any necessary cleaning measures should be left to Dr. Thi Hoang and her staff.

After a basic assessment of the problem, she will help you understand your most effective treatment options. This could include replacing the dental bridge, or possibly performing a root canal, if one of the anchoring abutments was also compromised.

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