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Keeping your smile safe includes exercising caution with all aspects of your day-to-day life. You should have a safe and effective oral health care routine in place, including brushing twice a day and flossing once daily. Furthermore, you should always inspect your diet to determine if there are any products or substances you are consuming that are further contributing to dental damage. In many cases, you may find yourself eating products that can cause physical trauma to your teeth as well as microscopic damage in the form of dental erosion.

Always be careful when biting into any hard products. This can include candy apples, ice, hard candies or any other similar products that could potentially chip and crack teeth. Even if you were able to eat these items in the past by directly biting into them, it is possible that your teeth have weakened over time and will be more susceptible to breakage. Similarly, avoid products that can easily get stuck between your teeth and gums. This includes products such as popcorn kernels and popcorn balls. If these products linger in your mouth, they will continue to increase the risk for dental erosion long after conception.

Along the same line of products that get stuck between your teeth, exercise caution with sticky or chewy sweets and treats. These products will chew your tooth enamel. Also, be aware that extremely sour sweets are known to eat away at tooth enamel due to their high acidity. You may want to avoid starchy foods, as plaque in your mouth can break down these substances into harmful acids that contribute to dental erosion.

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