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Your oral health is one of the most important things in your life. It’s an indicator of overall wellness, in addition to ensuring you have great confidence and self-esteem. And, when you have good oral health, that means you have an amazing smile as well. That’s proven to help out in many different life situations.

Sometimes, though, bad oral health care can result in serious problems. A solution to some of those problems is a root canal. A lot of people have heard about root canals, but aren’t familiar with what they entail. Today, we’re going to address that.

What are they?
When you go see a dentist to get help with treating an infected, decaying or otherwise damaged tooth, a root canal is only recommended if it’s absolutely necessary. A root canal is a process of removing the pulp from inside of your tooth, which also removes any infection. After Drs. Thi Hoang or Thanh Pham complete the root canal, you’ll probably need some sort of cosmetic work done to restore your tooth.

When do I need it?
You’ll likely only need a root canal is there’s no other way to save your tooth. Removing the pulp effectively kills your tooth, which is why a root canal is so serious. A root canal will, however, stop tooth decay completely. It also helps saves other teeth from becoming infected.

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